Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Pup Night! I realize I haven't written too much about my experiences at the last few I've attended. Before the next one comes, I wanted to share some thoughts here. There's lots to say, but for now...

Things I've learned at Pup Night:

1. What a "getting a burger" means.

2. Being a pup amongst pups is a lot of fun,  but crawling among and between the legs of handlers and onlookers affords one a chance to interact with all kinds of friendly folks, and opens up the opportunity for lots of attention, scritches and pats & pets.

3. It's fun to make paw prints on a window that's covered in condensation.

4. Some pups wanna wrestle for dominance, but some are content to just chill.

5. I so appreciate my handler, and the helping hands that assist me in getting in and out of mitts and hood, before I "...go and play!"

6. Although it may prevent you from receiving an unexpected burger, wearing a wrestling singlet is a lot of fun when grappling with other pups on the mat.

7. Pups are fun to observe eye to eye and sniff from nose wherever :)

Also, some advice:

1, On the mat, watch out for injuries! I've only had a few minor ones, I'll share some evidence  later :)

2. If you're drinking from a water bottle held between two paws, careful not to squeeze it, or else get a faceful of water.

3. If two pups beside you get really rowdy, duck for cover!

4, If you're saving up for those deluxe locking mitts or are looking for a great alternative, a triple layer of black tube socks does a decent job of creating paws for you :P

And lastly, on the mat or off, Hawk's 3 rules of being a good pup are:

1. Be yourself.
2. Be honest and true.
3. Pounce! (Play and have fun!)

Thanks for checking in. I appreciate it!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Had a great time this evening introducing a friend to his pup self. Took lots of hot pics :P I'll be posting them here, on twitter, and my tumblr soon!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


February isn't usually my favourite time of year, but so far it's lookin' good. It's been unseasonably warm here, the sidewalks aren't slushy, and there's lots of fun things occupying this pup. I've spent the past few days composing responses for a pup interview (Posted! Click here!). Yesterday, I spent a wonderful afternoon mitt shopping, and losing my bowl-eating & drinking virginity with a fellow pup (Thanks Ajax! :P) . Tomorrow I'm off to Pup Night, and looking forward to a session with my handler later this week. Yay!