Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Pup Night! I realize I haven't written too much about my experiences at the last few I've attended. Before the next one comes, I wanted to share some thoughts here. There's lots to say, but for now...

Things I've learned at Pup Night:

1. What a "getting a burger" means.

2. Being a pup amongst pups is a lot of fun,  but crawling among and between the legs of handlers and onlookers affords one a chance to interact with all kinds of friendly folks, and opens up the opportunity for lots of attention, scritches and pats & pets.

3. It's fun to make paw prints on a window that's covered in condensation.

4. Some pups wanna wrestle for dominance, but some are content to just chill.

5. I so appreciate my handler, and the helping hands that assist me in getting in and out of mitts and hood, before I "...go and play!"

6. Although it may prevent you from receiving an unexpected burger, wearing a wrestling singlet is a lot of fun when grappling with other pups on the mat.

7. Pups are fun to observe eye to eye and sniff from nose wherever :)

Also, some advice:

1, On the mat, watch out for injuries! I've only had a few minor ones, I'll share some evidence  later :)

2. If you're drinking from a water bottle held between two paws, careful not to squeeze it, or else get a faceful of water.

3. If two pups beside you get really rowdy, duck for cover!

4, If you're saving up for those deluxe locking mitts or are looking for a great alternative, a triple layer of black tube socks does a decent job of creating paws for you :P

And lastly, on the mat or off, Hawk's 3 rules of being a good pup are:

1. Be yourself.
2. Be honest and true.
3. Pounce! (Play and have fun!)

Thanks for checking in. I appreciate it!

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