Friday, 13 April 2012


I've had the pleasure of housesitting for the last few weeks and have experienced what's felt like a mini vacation. I've had time to reflect on some things and remind myself of the stuff that's important to me.

Going forward I want to continue this experience of reflection, regeneration and renewal. Time to take better care of myself. More sleep, more exercise, more spring water, healthier food choices, more joy.

I've been thinking about the qualities I value in myself and others. Last night at pup night I spent some quiet time to myself on the mat, despite being surrounded by about a dozen pups. 

Afterwards, some people shared their observations of my behavior and asked about my mindset and experience of that night.

It made me think about the assumptions we make about other people. Both the people we know and the ones we don't. I want to nurture my sense of curiousity and refrain from "filling in the blanks" when I interact with people. Even the ones I know well. 

I want to be seen and appreciated for who I am in the moment. And I want to offer the same to those that I choose to interact and spend time with.

The interactions I have with those that see me through a narrow filter are not so interesting to me. I in turn want to share myself at a level that's as honest and straightforward as possible. I want to paint a clear picture. Those who choose to will then see me for the pup I am :)