Saturday, 23 June 2012


I'm happy to share that despite some upheavals in my life in the past few months, everything's ended up "right as rain" as they say (in particular I'm thinking of The Oracle speaking to Neo in The Matrix when I write those words, but I digress...).

When I was young, I told my parents that I'd have my own religion someday, and at least for now, that dream is taking the form of being a pup ambassador in my own quiet way. I'm amazed at how many have approached me with questions about puppydom, and despite my relative newness to the scene, have sought my advice and perspective in one form or another. Of course I've been happy to share my thoughts while knowing that I can't possibly speak for everyone, and can only speak from my own pup heart. These opportunities to share have made me reflect on my own hidden thoughts and desires, and have made me more confident in myself as a pup and as a regular dude too :)

Overall I'm experiencing a sense of new found freedom. Even in those areas that I still limit or judge myself, I'm seeing glimmers of what's possible, and uncovering limitations I've placed on myself in the past.

I continue to be amazed by all the support around me on this journey, often given by those who don't even realize to what extent they've helped me move myself forward.

So often I've experienced growth while coming out of a dark or complicated time. It's nice to experience a kind of transformation now while not in some sort of dire straits or muck. Sure there's the odd bit of sticky sand that irks me now and again, but overall I'm thriving, despite the fact that I sometimes second-guess myself or feel lonely or angry.

I'm still the ever optimistic, smiley pup on my journey to be the best and most adorable pup I can be :D

Thanks for checking-in as I wander, wonder, and wag!

Monday, 18 June 2012


I have my paws on a newer computer so I'm hoping to post here more regularly again!

In case you missed it last month, I was so happy to contribute some perspectives on pup play for an article written by a friend of mine. Check out his hot blog & the link below for sexy thoughts & pics :D