Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Some have said I already am, some have said it's a completely different endeavour, but as I said to some kindred spirits this weekend, (who I met via the pup scene), some of the guys/pups/handlers etc that I've felt the strongest connections to happen to identify as furry/furries. I don't think this affinity is coincidental, so I'm delving into furrydom with some fervour. I opened up a profile on furaffinity.net and spent some time this evening working on some digital pup art. No matter where this journey leads me, I've met some awesome guys (in and out of their suits). I have also found inspiration in the variety of artwork, digital and traditional, in all sorts of mediums that permeates the scene. Looking forward to contributing some of my own. Full blooded or honourary? Time will tell :D