Sunday, 19 August 2012


It seems lately that I've found myself with many opportunities to opt for public nakedness. The more I've done it, the more comfortable I've become. Going to the clothing optional beach here was a good start, and some of my trips there have definitely been the highlights of this summer. Naked Night at the Black Eagle in Toronto last Thursday was a great experience too. It seems I've got a lot of nudies in my circle of friends as of late. :D Some of those guys have barely seen me clothed! This weekend I attended one of the best parties ever. It involved a Hawaiian theme & a group of some of the hottest/friendliest people I've ever met. We wore grass skirts (eventually even less ;)), ate awesome grilled meat & upside-down pineapple cake, and got 'leid'. I can't remember the last time I felt such exuberance and joy at a social gathering. It wasn't just the nakedness, but that was an awesome bonus.

Why this post? I'm not trolling for converts or anything, I guess I'm just celebrating my own journey through this. Yes, it's been "freeing" and helped me move further along on my path to be alright with what I look like naked. The best part of it has been the opportunity to hide myself less, not just from behind clothes, but also emotionally. Somehow I've felt more open, and less worried about what people think of me.

I know I write about that a lot. The whole being liked and accepted thing. Those fears and limits are at the forefront of my mind and the battle is on! Maybe a better word than battle is playground. My retreat to Algonquin Park is coming up soon and I can't wait. Although the activities there will involve clothing, a lot of the people attending will have already seen me naked (lol, sounds dirty). I'm seeing my trip to Camp Feral as an opportunity to play more in the great outdoors, and to leave behind some of the play-dramas of my mind! Yay :D

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