Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Sometimes I feel a lot. I spend my day encountering all kinds of energies. They bounce against me, pass through me, or hit me like a slap. I've always had an awareness of the "energy signature" of those around me, and have spent years puzzling out what I perceive around me, and outside myself, versus what I experience from within. I've seen how what's inside is usually observable outside and around me.

I've been struggling with sharing stuff in this forum. I use social media as a kind of entertainment, and sometimes as a crutch of peer/stranger approval. Lately I've been triggered by some posts of people I don't even know, and I've judged their self obsessions and glib pronouncements on so many topics. I recognize their cry for approval and love, because it's in me as well. That recognition helps me judge them less, but it also inspires me to be less whiny, less of a know-it-all, and less keen on putting on a front I no longer truly believe in. Sometimes it's difficult to be compassionate, or to forgive others' foibles or shortcomings, but it indicates to me what level of judgement and impossibly high standards I hold for myself as well.

I want this to be a place of affirmation, of sharing and reflection. Sometimes my words might inspire, and other times they might get lost in the ether. It's up to me to make the difference I want to make. It's for me to say and to be.

Enough impatience, worry, and disapproval. Time to move towards joy and the pursuits that put a smile on my face. Sharing and letting go are better company.