Monday, 19 May 2014


I've been uploading an archive of twitter and Instagram posts, along with some slightly edgier selfies, and alternate versions of pics I've posted. Enjoy!

Monday, 21 April 2014

HAWK 2.0

I'm on a journey of exploring all my desires and seeking to add more pleasure and enjoyment in all my actions and interactions.

I'm an openminded guy, eager to connect with self aware guys who are pursuing a variety of interests and passions.

Not looking for a boyfriend, as I'm already in an open relationship. I'm seeking out various kinds of playmates, friends with benefits and sexy companions, not unlike some of the ones I've been lucky enough to bring into my life.

My guy and I have recently moved more in the direction of pursuing play companions together and the sexy adventures that have resulted have been hot and rewarding.

I've enjoyed a few scenes from both dom and sub perspectives, and fetish-wise, role playing and scenarios that include forms of exhibitionism, pup play, foot play and furry. The list goes on :)

There's a lot I've figured out about myself, and a whole lot more I have to learn. I enjoy being a mentor at times and sharing my own experiences, but also eager and open to learning a whole lot more from more experienced kinksters.

The exhibitionist and sharer in me wants to list all the stuff I want or am into, but that's all something that can be part of a future conversation.

I'm looking for strong connections with active, energetic guys, who balance a sense of humour and free spirit with an intense passion and drive to pursue and share their minds, bodies and pleasures with other openminded, eager guys.

It's time to put some effort into making my dreams and desires real. Perhaps I'll find some more companions for that journey here :)

Sunday, 19 January 2014


I've got lots to accomplish in 2014. I have talents and abilities, though I'm still searching for motivation and drive.

In the meantime, I'm still in the process of collecting, editing, and archiving photos I've taken and posted on Instagram, twitter, and other places. You can see them all here.

GregNaked has just started a new blog where he's sharing some of his adventures and sexy goals for 2014. Check it out, and you might see me pop into the narrative now and again :).